Are business cards still relevant?

Are business cards still relevant in 2024? It’s such a digital world these days – pretty much everyone has a smartphone and we’re all connected via email and social media. If you were at a networking event or pitching to a potential client and you pulled a business card from your wallet, would you seem like a total dinosaur? Or is it the classic and uncomplicated touch that could set you apart from the competition? Let’s discuss…

On one side of the debate, business cards have been a long time staple of networking and professional interactions. They are classic, provide a tangible representation of your brand and serve as a physical reminder of your meeting. Plus, you can get SUCH nice business cards these days. From embossing to different shapes and special finishes - in a world that can seem inundated with digital noise, the simplicity and directness of a business card can make you stand out.

However, it is essential to recognise the challenges that business cards face in this very modern and digital-focused era. With the rise of alternatives like QR codes, virtual business cards, and social media profiles, some say that physical business cards are becoming obsolete. They could make your business seem like it’s old-fashioned and stuck in the past. In an increasingly paperless world, handing out a business card could get you frowned upon for actually being environmentally unfriendly.

As well as this, digital tools offer advantages that traditional business cards are just no match for. Virtual business cards can include interactive features, links to portfolios or websites, and real-time updates. They also cut out the need for physical storage and reduce the risk of you losing cards or having the box spill out inside your bag so you’re finding creased cards forever more.

So, where does all this leave the humble business card? Despite the rise of digital alternatives and the environmental concerns associated with paper waste, business cards still hold value in certain contexts. They offer a personal touch and can be the beginning of meaningful connections, especially in face-to-face interactions where pulling out your smartphone may be considered impolite or distracting.

Ultimately, the question: 'are business cards still relevant?' depends on your individual preferences and the way you want to present your brand, business or organization. Using them or not can depend on the specific context of the situation you’re in. While they may not be the primary mode of networking in every situation, business cards continue to play a role in fostering connections and leaving a lasting impression.


While digital alternatives offer convenience and flexibility (as well as showing that your business is keeping up with the times!) traditional business cards still have their place as a tangible symbol of professionalism and personal branding. Striking a balance between digital innovation and traditional practices may just be the key to success.

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