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Reach more customers with our pay-per-click campaign management

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Furness Media offer a range of pay-per-click campaigns to get your business in front of more customers and boost your sales. Our Google Ads service is a cost-effective way of reaching more customers and you have total control on your monthly budget and click-through rates, enabling you to spend as much as you want to meet your needs.

Google Ads Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an essential tool for businesses to drive targeted traffic and achieve marketing objectives. It offers effective ways to reach audiences and generate leads.

• Google Ads offers diverse ad formats and wide reach to effectively reach audiences and drive results.

• PPC allows businesses to pay only when users click, maximising budget and return on investment (ROI).

• Keyword research identifies high-volume, low-competition keywords for optimised ad targeting.

• Ad extensions enhance visibility and provide extra information, like sitelinks, callouts, and snippets.

• Ad scheduling reaches active users during peak times, optimising performance with smart timing.

• Landing page optimisation aligns ad copy and drives seamless user experiences for higher conversions.

• Ad testing improves performance by experimenting with various ad variations.

• Monitor metrics like CTR, conversion rate, and cost per conversion for campaign optimisation.

• Target demographics, locations, and interests with PPC's precise audience targeting capabilities.

• Remarketing boosts conversion rates by targeting users who have engaged with your ads or website.

• Gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences through PPC campaigns.

• Flexible budget options in Google Ads PPC cater to businesses of all sizes.

Google Ads provides businesses with sophisticated capabilities that can help them drive targeted traffic, generate leads, and accomplish their company marketing goals. By utilising diverse ad formats, conducting keyword research, optimising landing pages, and regularly testing and analysing campaign performance, businesses can maximise the effectiveness of their Google Ads PPC campaigns, leading to increased visibility and conversions.

What are the benefits

Achieving high rankings for organic key words and phrases is still the best way to get your site found, however, pay-per-click advertising is a guaranteed way of reaching customers. The benefits are:

  • Select key words and phrases where your site is under achieving
  • Place ads where you already rank highly to increase clicks by your customers
  • Advertise special offers or seasonal campaigns where immediate visibility is essential
  • Gain exposure on the back of your competitors
  • Effectively target customers
  • Easily measure your success

Google Shopping can Boost Your Online Sales

Furness Media also offer Google Shopping campaign management, which enables ecommerce clients to reach more customers with their online products by showcasing them at the top of search results. Google Shopping is similar to Google Adwords in that you pay a cost-per-click when customers click on your paid advert.

Google Shopping applies Google’s search technology to help you promote your products to your target audience with products placed at the very top of a Google search. This form of advertising is ideal for ecommerce shops who are looking to grow their online sales or promote an online sale or seasonal product where organic search positioning is difficult.

If you would like to discuss your PPC needs, contact us on: 01229 520250.


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