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High rank means more visitors. In order to come above other professional sites in your field we will optimize your website for the phrases of your choice. From our office in the Lake District, we focus heavily on the major ‘feeder’ Search Engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and most importantly Google. These account for 95% of all Search Engine traffic.

Why SEO is popular with Web Businesses & Typical Budgets Needed

  • Organic SEO is perfect if you are already happy with your website, but just need a ROI.
  • All achieved clicks are free. The are no payments to Google for the traffic you receive.
  • Targets are entirely up to you. If needed, we will be happy to help you identify target phrases for your core products and services.
  • Still hands down the most cost effective way to promote your websites brand online.
  • Done correctly, SEO costs are reduced and long lasting. You can stay on the front page of search results for years.
  • Unlike Pay-per-click, you can step away from SEO for a few months and still rank in the results.
  • Natural organic search results provide credibility. Authority placings from SEO only go to trusted websites.

High rank means more visitors. In order to come above other professional sites in your field we will optimise your web pages for the phrases of your choice. From our offices in Ulverston, Barrow-in-Furness and Carlisle in the Lake District, we focus heavily on the major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and most importantly Google.

On launch of a new website, it is becoming more vital to plan and engage in “Transitional SEO” which helps retain your existing site’s positioning and valuable link-backs. As Google scores websites based on its content, a newly launched website with differing content and structure (even with the same brand) effectively gets reevaluated and re-positioned by the search engines. This can mean effectively having to restart with your SEO efforts from launch. It is relatively straightforward to avoid this however, by undertaking transitional SEO in the months prior to launch, or ideally, even in the planning stages, so that SEO strategies can better assist the developers of the new site.

When launching a new website, vital pre-launch SEO tasks include transferring over Google Analytics and updating your site and its sitemap to Google’s Search Console. The homepage and core-sections must also retain their structure and value to Google using well planned URLs and META tags that match your target keywords.

We will ensure this done correctly for you by your launch date to ensure your business a solid head-start avoiding common SEO issues and mistakes on your go-live date.

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